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Cascade Comprehensive Care Inc. (CCC) is a managed health care company. CCC currently manages a Medicaid contract under the Oregon Health Plan. CCC handles quality assurance, utilization management, claims adjudication, pharmacy management, encounter reporting, financial and solvency reporting, physician and provider contracting, reinsurance/stoploss issues, risk model management etc. for the local community. CCC is the largest local coordinated health care company in Klamath County with annual revenues of $30 million in 2010, and serving approximately 9,500 enrollees. CCC is owned by local health care providers, including primary care physicians, specialists and Sky Lakes Medical Center.

Cascade Comprehensive Care is also the local administrator for ATRIO Health Plans Inc. in Klamath County. ATRIO Health Plans is a Medicare Advantage Health Maintenance Organization established by both local physicians and Sky Lakes Medical Center, with a long-term commitment to meeting community health needs. ATRIO's goal is to bring comprehensive, affordable healthcare to Medicare beneficiaries and to provide local access to a company that is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. For more information, visit ATRIO's website or call ATRIO toll free at at 877-672-8620.

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Atrio Health Plans
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